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Bulrush Gin was developed to celebrate the spirit of warmth and welcoming, while creating a classic-but-modern take on traditional gins.

Truly a small batch, hand-crafted product, we make less than 500 bottles at a time.? Crafted in a 300 gallon pot still and utilizing and a unique process of both maceration and vapor infusion of our botanicals we have created a traditional but approachable gin, with hints of juniper, citrus, lavender and spices.

Coffee Bean

Unique Process

Our maceration and vapor infusion process is unique among gin producers

Coffee Bean

13 Botanicals

Thirteen different botanicals create a traditional but approachable gin

Coffee Bean

Rated 93 Exceptional

One of the highest rated gins of 2019 by the Beverage Testing Institute


Floral on the nose, juniper and citrus on the palate; finishes with a hint of spice and earthy sweetness. 88 Proof; Designed specifically for simple and complex cocktails alike. Gold Medal/93 Rated ? Exceptional? from Beverage Testing Institute in the 2019 International Review of Gins.

Bulrush Bourbon
Barrel Gin

Bulrush Gin Bourbon Barrel is simply Bulrush Gin rested in previously used Bourbon Barrels for 3-6 months.? This allows for a truly unique gin experience, with the traditional notes of Bulrush Gin, with compliments of oak, vanilla and tannins.

Currently Distributed in South Carolina only.

Enjoy Bulrush Gin Responsibly.
Bulrush Gin. 44% Alc/Vol (88 Proof).